Find out about the ethos of AFC Fradley


Find out about the ethos of AFC Fradley


AFC Fradley


AFC Fradley


Collecting membership is critical for our club’s cash flow and financial stability; we have several ways for you to pay.

The new Juniors Membership year will commence on the 1st of August 2024.

The membership you pay covers the costs of winter training, i.e. hiring Friary Grange all-weather pitches, and summer training, i.e. hiring Friary Grange grass pitches,

plus all league fees, referee fees, insurance, and Staffordshire FA fees.

Our sponsors pay for the kit our footballers wear.

You can pay in the following ways.

£270 for the year split into 10 monthly payments at £27 August to May by standing order.

or £260 paid quarterly £90 August, £90 November, £80 March

or £250 paid upfront in August.


We love the fact we have brothers and sisters playing, plus footballers who play in more than one team, we will offer the following reductions,

First sibling or second team £18 (1/3 reduction).

Second and subsequent siblings £13.50 (1/2 reduction).

Family membership for four or more members is £500 for the year, and adults pay £5 per match when they play.

We need to collect money on time as we run a tight budget.

Sadly, if you have a 2nd late payment, your footballer will not be able to play,

and a 3rd late payment will cancel your membership.

We will discuss and support anyone who needs help.

We will offer free membership to support anyone who needs it.

Soccer Camp, WildCats, Squad, Just Play, Comets and Comandos will remain pay as you play through Spond.


Men and Women pay £10 per month for membership (or a Family Membership) and £5 when they play.


standing order/Direct Debit

You can set up a direct debit by gocardless.

Or you can send us an email to and we will send you our bank details.

Monthly payment

Bank Card, Apple Pay or Android Pay

Stripe payment

Annual payment

Bank Card, Apple Pay or Android Pay

Stripe payment

There should be no excuse for being behind with membership; if you would like to speak with Darren about support with membership, please call him on tel:07528640064

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