Michael Fabricant MP

Michael Fabricant MP champions community football in Fradley

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has championed the need for more pitches and facilities to help accommodate one of the region’s fastest growing football clubs.

AFC Fradley Chairman Darren Peck met with Michael Fabricant to highlight the need for more sports facilities, as the football club welcomes new players every week.

Recognised as one of the fastest-growing clubs in the Midlands, AFC Fradley is spearheading a campaign aimed at ‘Getting More Girls and Women into Football’, as they anticipate an increase to over 500 active footballers.

Michael Fabricant MP voiced his support for AFC Fradley’s initiatives, acknowledging the significant positive impact that enhanced sporting facilities would have on the local community. He said: “The AFC Fradley Football Club is already a huge success story for Fradley and the surrounding area attracting boys, girls, men, and women – including some who are disabled – with over 30 teams competing as we enter the football season later this year.

“I was particularly interested to meet Club Chairman, Darren Peck, and learn more about the plan to establish a registered charity working closely with local schools, churches, village halls, a home specialising in dementia care, and community centres.  The Club has even established a local business network to share ideas.

“But the Club currently rents land and pitches to play on so I am keen to encourage local businesses and landowners to help the Club grow even further.”

During the meeting, Darren highlighted the club’s aspirations and the critical role of improved sports infrastructure in fostering community spirit and promoting an active lifestyle across Lichfield.

Darren said: “With our campaign to get more girls and women into football, I can see us having more than 500 footballers playing every week within a very short time. Michael was incredibly supportive of the great things we are doing both on the football pitch and also in our community.

“We would like to see the development of new football pitches and an upgrade to existing facilities. This would help us expand our community outreach efforts to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all aspiring footballers in the area. These efforts align with AFC Fradley’s broader goals of increasing participation in sports and reinforcing connections within the community through shared activities and achievements.

“By working with Michael we hope to shine a spotlight on the importance of physical activity and community engagement through football, encouraging residents of all ages in Lichfield to lead healthier lives.”

For more information call AFC Fradley Chairman Darren Peck on 07528 640064 or email: darren.peck@afcfradley.org

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