AFC Fradley Extra Time

Professional footballers visit Lichfield for free event

Four professional footballers will be visiting Lichfield for a free event aimed at encouraging more women and girls into the sport.

AFC Fradley is thrilled to be holding this first-of-its-kind event at The Friary School in Lichfield on Monday, March 11 from 7pm.

Guest speakers at the More Girls and Women in Football event will be professional footballers Katie Wilkinson and Laura Rafferty of Southampton, Freya Gregory of Aston Villa, and Olivia Fergusson of Wolves.

Girls and women of all ages are invited to attend to hear from these inspirational figures when each one will share their journeys through professional football. They will cover topics ranging from global opportunities and overcoming setbacks to the evolution of women’s football and its role in opening doors beyond the pitch.

Katie Wilkinson has long been a supporter of AFC Fradley, and is the club’s current Director of Football.

“AFC Fradley isn’t just committed to promoting women’s football but to empowering women and girls to be part of this exciting global community,” said Katie, who is Southampton’s centre forward. “Football is loved throughout the world and the benefits of playing football don’t just include improved physical health, but also better mental health.”

A study spearheaded by UEFA, the governing body of European football, uncovered that: ‘teenage girls who play football report higher levels of self-confidence than those who play other sports.’ UEFA has pledged to make football the number one sport for girls across Europe.

Katie said: “At the More Girls and Women in Football event we aim to inspire the next generation of female footballers by showcasing the incredible opportunities that are available to them as well as the welcoming community they can join.”

Those attending the event will also have the unique opportunity to engage with the professionals during a Q&A session. The evening will culminate in an autograph signing at 9pm, giving fans a special memento of this empowering occasion.

AFC Fradley is a forward-thinking, inclusive football club based in Lichfield, England. With a strong emphasis on community and development, AFC Fradley provides a nurturing environment for players at all levels. Through initiatives like this, the club pledges to lead the way in empowering female athletes and fostering the growth of women’s football.

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